Another truth: The worst part of motherhood

I must tell you that I am absolutely 100% ready for spring! I use to LOVE the winter! It meant long runs in the woods in the snow! Mountain biking in the cold winter air. Totally crushing winter workouts were the best. Yes, those were the days. Days of nothing else to do but train, … Continue reading Another truth: The worst part of motherhood


Twin Mom Tips and Solutions

  Today is the last day of another year, that I can proudly say I am not just surviving but thriving as a mom of two sets of twins. Wow, there have been some VERY challenging times in 2017. Big emotions, tons of energy, some "confusion" about the what not to do inside the house, … Continue reading Twin Mom Tips and Solutions

Prenatal Gut Health–Part Two

In Part One of this series, we learned about how making simple diet and lifestyle changes can positively affect moms health and the health of her baby. In part two of this series, I would like to offer some recipes and strategies specific to incorporating nourishing foods. If you are new to this approach to … Continue reading Prenatal Gut Health–Part Two

Real Food Kids!! Keep on Trying!

  Keep on trying is our message to you! Honestly, there are days when I don't think I can do one more dish or stand in the kitchen for one more second. There are many moments of true chaos. Moments where I don't even want to think about cooking or washing dishes. But those moments … Continue reading Real Food Kids!! Keep on Trying!

Natural Calm and Booch

Last night was one of those perfect storm nights. You know the ones where everything comes together to make for a perfectly stress filled evening! So, let me set the scene for you... I walk the boys home from school every afternoon (which is carpool line!!) and we arrive home at 4:00. The girls … Continue reading Natural Calm and Booch

Tricksters, marketing science…Part One!

I was talking to a mom the other day and she said her major barriers to cooking real food were being not knowing what to choose and frustration with the food battling at the table. How fantastic that she was so honest and was able to verbalize that to me. Motherhood is an intensely personal … Continue reading Tricksters, marketing science…Part One!