Lentil Noodles with Veggie Sauce (Grain and dairy free)

I am eagerly anticipating spring. I do miss the luxury of walking out into the garden to pick our fresh herbs and veggies for the day as I describe in this post, The Garden Bounty.¬†Until then, I rely on some hardy herbs that survived the snow, local farmer's markets and organic produce from the grocery … Continue reading Lentil Noodles with Veggie Sauce (Grain and dairy free)


The Garden Bounty

I have to say that in my next life I may be a farmer. Growing a home garden is such a satisfying experience. I decided to raise a garden to grow my own greens. I also wanted to grow herbs, winter squash and bell peppers.   Growing your own vegetables is personally rewarding experience. There … Continue reading The Garden Bounty

Fermented Carrots

This video shows it all...a very simple process that is easy to do with the kiddos. RECIPE for Fermented Carrots 2 pounds of raw, peeled carrots sliced into coins or sticks 1 large head of garlic, peeled 4 whole clean cabbage leaves 8 Tbsp real salt¬† Peel the garlic and separate into cloves. Divide the … Continue reading Fermented Carrots

A real food beach vacation

Packing real food for the car requires strategic planning! It must be something that is fresh but does not crumble easily. Any packaging should be easily opened by the child and not require parent intervention. The vessel holding the food must be sturdy enough to hold multiple items. The chosen food must be substantial enough … Continue reading A real food beach vacation

How to “boost” a jar of pasta sauce!

This Saturday, the girls and I went shopping...that was fun! Somehow the cart is just wide enough to fit between the racks of clothing. The girls have an amazing reach and cat like reflexes to grab and pull down anything within their grasp! Once we arrived at the checkout, my cart was full unwanted items. … Continue reading How to “boost” a jar of pasta sauce!