GLYPHOSATE: Why do we need to pay attention to what we eat?

Look at this little peanut. Think the 10 billion cells swimming around in her little body. All of the millions of reactions taking place every second to keep her little brain and body running. Her body is making new nerve tissue, bone, connective tissue, blood, and brain matter every day. What type of food do … Continue reading GLYPHOSATE: Why do we need to pay attention to what we eat?

The Garden Bounty

I have to say that in my next life I may be a farmer. Growing a home garden is such a satisfying experience. I decided to raise a garden to grow my own greens. I also wanted to grow herbs, winter squash and bell peppers.   Growing your own vegetables is personally rewarding experience. There … Continue reading The Garden Bounty

Garden carrot top smoothie

This was a banner year for my carrot crop! The longest carrot I have ever grown was a whopping 3 inches long. This year, I had one that came close to 5 inches!! This is very exciting for the kids. Especially since the last Curious George episode they watched was all about George planting carrots … Continue reading Garden carrot top smoothie

Gardening posted by sallenrd

My transition to eating whole foods, things that for the most part come without food labels, has been a long, slow process with several compromises along the way. It started with the birth of my first son 20 years ago (and second son 18 years ago). I swore they would never eat a French fry … Continue reading Gardening posted by sallenrd