Lunch for “Mome”


The other day, I came home from training and the boys came running out to greet me. Of course like any excited child they were leaping with joy at what they had done. I could barely get out of the car fast enough.

When I came inside, this is what I found! They had made me lunch. Isn’t that cute? Nobody had ever done that for me (in my adult life)! Look at that little note…lunch for “mome”! Adorable!

These boys have helped me garden, shop, prepare and cook for their whole lives. They have traveled to organic CSAs, farmer’s and seafood markets. They probably know how to pick out produce better than most adults.

They know how much I love vegetables and salads. They also know that my salad is typically a big pile of mixed greens topped with more veggie leftovers.

There is so much truth to the statement, “parents are a child’s first teacher.”


Here is their little creation! What you can’t see are the 10 giant leaves of basil under the greens. I asked Cameron why he added the basil. He said because they add extra vitamins and flavor. Isn’t that cute?

They are always watching! They actually are listening! 🙂


My gift is a real passion for living the absolute best life that I can. I want to make sure I put into practice all that I know to help myself and my family. As a trainer, I also am most fortunate to share my knowledge of movement and nutrition with others!

I am so proud to know that all of my hard work and commitment are paying off for my family!


If you ever doubt that your efforts are futile or the kids won’t benefit…think again. They will get it, your efforts will pay off hugely. Nutrition is huge! They will see the power of great real food. They may not say it right away. They may choose to try the junk food. But the patterns your are carving through example and habit will provide them with the foundation they need for the rest of their lives.


Amy 🙂

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